Aging in a Healthy Way

Our 2014 Annual Report shows how people are aging in a healthy way with OASIS.

Real issues.  Real people.  Real solutions.  Getting real about how healthy aging happens is part of the OASIS commitment to adults age 50 and older. This report introduces some of the people who are building strong bodies, minds and community connections through OASIS.  We invite you to get to know them in the stories below. For a quick overview, here's a printable summary of our report.


from the President

Marcia Kerz, President, The OASIS Institute

Older Americans today expect more.

We expect to live longer, to stay independent as long as possible and to contribute in meaningful ways.

A pioneer in the field of aging since 1982, OASIS has helped thousands redefine what they want their later years to look and feel like.  Read more from Marcia Kerz ...

El Douglas, OASIS tutor "If we can encourage even one child, it has a domino effect,” says El Douglas, an OASIS tutor in Ferguson MO.  Her first task with each student is to develop a personal relationship and learn what motivates and interests the child. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely.

Malcolm Hoagy Carmichael, CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer in San Diego“You can’t tell these kids to do something and not do it yourself,” says Malcolm “Hoagy” Carmichael, a CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer in San Diego County. “I’m definitely more physically active and making adjustments in what I eat.”

“I just tell myself that I’m being healthy,” says Ava Bush, a peer facilitator for Better Choices, Better Health–Diabetes in Indianapolis.  Ava refuses to consider herself on a diet. “I’m doing what I must to keep my body working as it should.”

Laura Moreno“Learning to use the computer has impacted every aspect of my life,” says Laura Moreno, who has come up to speed by taking Connections classes through the Dallas Public Library. Laura is thrilled that seven of the courses are available in Spanish.

Annette Guisbond“Somebody asked if I was running out of issues," says Annette Guisbond, a volunteer in Syracuse who has planned political discussion forums since 2008, featuring experts from the media, politics and scholars. "The answer is no. There’s no shortage of things to discuss!"

Nate and Nancy Berger“It’s reassuring to realize that we all have the same fears," says Dr. Nate Berger of Rockville MD, who appreciates being part of a caregiver support group at Washington Metro OASIS. A caregiver to his wife Nancy for 28 years, Berger recognizes he can’t do it alone.

Betty and Lee Higbie of Albuquerque OASIS donors like Betty and Lee Higbie of Albuquerque value education and the chance to do something meaningful in their community.  Meet a few of the donors who participate in and support our programs financially each year.

Elizabeth McCloddenElizabeth McClodden of Los Angeles has taken a variety of OASIS classes, like jewelry-making, exercise and storytelling. Now she’s added acting to the list through an OASIS Actors Studio workshop. “At first, I was kind of intimidated, but it's something I’ve always wanted to try.”

Our impact in 2014

         55  cities
       626  partners
    7,200  volunteers
  26,000  classes
  18,000  children
  32,000  adults
  50,000  people impacted
130,000  class enrollments
375,000  volunteer hours

Who makes it happen

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