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AT&T is making technology accessible for adults over 50

Since 2002 AT&T has contributed more than $3.2 million to implement OASIS Connections across the nation. 

AT&T support has enabled OASIS to develop an evidence-based curriculum, recruit and train instructors, equip computer labs and create partnerships to offer the classes.
"OASIS Connections is clearly a proven solution to a challenge facing many Americans: how to stay current with technology,” said Laura Sanford, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Contributions, AT&T Services, Inc. “We are proud to be associated with an outstanding organization like OASIS and helping them expand Connections across the country.”
The economic downturn and persistently high unemployment rates have made finding a job difficult for millions of Americans, including older adults. The Department of Labor estimates that two million people age 55 and older are unemployed, the highest rate for this age group in six decades.
Older job seekers are often at a disadvantage in finding a job due to a lack of basic technology skills. Just 42% of adults over 65 uses the Internet, compared to 74% for the general population. Employers cite the lack of current workplace skills as a key obstacle for older applicants.
“Without basic computer skills, you cannot even apply online for many of today’s jobs,” said Peggy Remis national program manager. 
“AT&T is committed to increasing inclusion and creating opportunities for seniors, and the work OASIS is doing to connect older adults to the digital world supports this goal,” said Laura Sanford, assistant vice president of Corporate Contributions, AT&T Services, Inc. “Expanding the Connections program will allow more people to develop skills to stay in touch with family and friends, engage in their communities, and prepare for success in the workplace.”

About Philanthropy at AT&T

AT&T Inc is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities and improving lives. Through its philanthropic initiatives, AT&T has a long history of supporting projects that create learning opportunities; promote academic and economic achievement; and address community needs. In 2010, more than $148.2 million was contributed through corporate-, employee- and AT&T Foundation-giving programs.

“Connections is clearly a proven solution to a challenge facing many Americans: how to stay current with technology.”
-Laura Sanford
Assistant Vice President of Corporate Contributions
AT&T Services, Inc.


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