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2013 Oasis Participant Survey shows strong outcomes

Brown of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis

An analysis of the third biennial Oasis Participant Survey conducted in 2013 was completed by the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis in June 2014. The final report showed strong outcomes of the Oasis mission to promote successful aging.

Highlights of the results

  • 93% of respondents in 2013 said Oasis met or exceeded their expectations
  • 95% rated the quality of interaction with Oasis staff and volunteers as good to excellent
  • Over 2000 people, approximately a quarter of respondents, said Oasis had opened new doors for them, such as exploring hobbies and interests, taking classes, volunteering or engaging in community groups.
  • A new question this year asked whether Oasis had increased participants' social connections; 41% agreed with this statement. 

   Positive responses increased on questions
    about how Oasis is fulfilling its mission

  2009    2011    2013 
   My desire to continue learning increased.   73%    72%    75
   I gained useful skills or knowledge.
  76%    77%    82% 
   My experience was intellectually stimulating.   84%    84%    87% 
   Participation in Oasis has enriched my life.   79%    79%    84% 
93% of respondents in 2013 said OASIS met or exceeded their expectations, compared to 91% in the previous two surveys.
Participant Survey report cover Participants made a wide range of suggestions for improving programs. All comments have been shared with the staff at Oasis education centers for review and action.
The four-page survey included a range of in-depth questions about why individuals take classes or volunteer, what they gain from the experience, their health status and demographics. The response rate was 34% with a total of 3,422 responses. Read more in the executive summary or the full report of results.
The Oasis Institute sincerely thanks Nancy Morrow-Howell, MSW, PhD; Huajuan Chen, MSW, Doctoral Student and the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis for their analysis of the 2013 biennial Oasis participant survey.
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