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Paul Weiss talks about the Senior Olympics on Fox 2 NewsPaul Weiss talks about Oasis and JCC collaboration on the Senior Olympics in summer 2018

January 31, 2018 - Oasis is teaming up with JCC and Senior Olympics for a new program that will help older adults explore their athletic sides in a safe and fun way. President Paul Weiss joined Director of St. Louis Senior Olympics Paul Ruben for a morning segment on Fox 2 to share the news. Classes that emphasize balance, strength training, flexibility and preparing to exercise will launch in April 2018-- just in time for people to think about participating in the Senior Olympics!




Paul Weiss, Allison Woodworth talk Oasis on KTRS.

Allison Woodworth and Paul Weiss talk about Oasis on KTRSDecember 28, 2017-Education Manager Allison Woodworth and President Paul Weiss joined Jennifer Blome and Patty Cashman on The Inside, Big 550 KTRS to talk about Oasis classes, programs and volunteer opportunities. “We offer everything you need as an older adult to make aging successful and growing,” says Paul. 

You can hear the full KTRS interview on SoundCloud. The Oasis segment begins at 18:59 and continues to 31:50.




St. Louis Public Radio

Missouri scores poorly on preventing falls among older adults. What can we do?


By Alex Heuer, St. Louis Public Radio

September 20, 2017 -  Missouri leads the country when it comes to the prevalence of injuries due to falls among older adults. The injuries can cause lost independence and mobility, and result in considerable medical bills. One in four adults age 65-plus will fall this year.  On St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh discussed risk factors and how to prevent falls. Joining him for the discussion were Juliet Simone, Community Health Manager, the Oasis Institute and state leader of the Show Me Falls Free Missouri Coalition; Ann Dellinger, Branch Chief, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and Dave Ervin, Executive Director, Rebuilding Together St. Louis. Hear the Podcast.


Barry and Joanne Silver talk about learning to spot cybercrimeTraining people to avoid becoming victims of cybercrime


By Shirley Washington for Fox 2 News, St. Louis
September 1, 2017
- While anyone can be a target for cybercrime, older adults have more to lose than others. That’s one reason AT&T and the Oasis Institute are working together to offer a series of classes to teach people how to protect themselves from online scams. AT&T has contributed $600,000 to support Oasis technology training programs over two years. See the video.

Learn more about Oasis Connections technology training.


Oasis moves east, giving boomers a new place to learn Oasis at Grossmont Center

By Karen Pearlman, San Diego Union Tribune

June 2, 2017 - A nonprofit group that offers the 50-plus crowd everything from art, cooking and dance classes to adventures abroad is opening this month in East County.

Formerly based in Mission Valley, San Diego Oasis will be celebrating the opening of its Lifelong Learning Center at Grossmont Center on Wednesday.

San Diego OASIS is part of the 40-city nationwide OASIS educational organization that formed in 1982 and is headquartered in St. Louis. Read the full article.

Event drives health and well-being in older adultsSan Antonio Fall Prevention Story - Video from Univision
Evento impulsa la salud y bienestar en adultos mayores

By Univision for KWEX San Antonio
May 31, 2017 -
Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and death among older adults, so Oasis and other organizations came together to provide information on the subject and free consultations.
Las caídas son una de las principales causas de lesiones y muerte entre adultos mayores, así que Oasis y otras organizaciones se unieron para dar información del tema y consultas gratuitas.
See the video  |  Mira el video


Oasis tutor Dale 'Woody' Woodard works with his student Hunter 72 years apart, the second-grader and the Harley riding Navy vet forge a bond

By Doug Moore, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
February 10, 2017-
The man in the leather motorcycle jacket is known as Mr. Woody around these parts, where conversations touch on dinosaurs, robots and upset stomachs.


As Mr. Woody walks through the halls of Drummond Elementary, he is nothing short of a celebrity. “I love him,” mouths the librarian as he walks by. Everyone here seems to.


As he has every Monday morning this school year, Mr. Woody, formally Dale Woodard, headed from the office to Ashley Burd’s second-grade room where the boy with the mop top of red hair keeps close watch on the door. Read the article.



Simona Valanciute at the new Oasis San Diego Wellness Center

San Diego Oasis moves from Mission Valley to Grossmont Mall


By Sara Appel-Lennon, Mission Valley News

January 13, 2017 - Oasis Learning Center is relocating to a new home in La Mesa’s Grossmont Shopping Center at 5500 Grossmont Center.

The new location will consist of two centers — a Wellness Center and a Lifelong Learning Center.

The Wellness Center, which opened on Jan. 9, hosts exercise, dance and mind-body classes.
Read the article.

Elzora Douglas, Oasis tutor with her student in Ferguson MO

How to Stand Up and Show Up for America’s Kids

By Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue

November 17, 2016 - Elzora Douglas, 68, says about four years after retiring from working as a St. Louis social worker administrator in 2004, she wanted to “try to give something back” to children. “Many times, children are not responsible for what’s going on around them, but they’re impacted more than anyone else,” says Douglas.

So Douglas signed up to tutor 1st through 3rd graders weekly through Oasis, a national nonprofit educational group for people 50 and older.  She’s been doing it ever since and currently tutors two students every Tuesday — one at a time, 45 minutes each. Read the article.

Adults in an Oasis Better Choices Better Health-Diabetes workshop develop skills to manage their health

Community-based programs can improve health outcomes for older adults with diabetes

By Marcia M. Kerz and Sarah Lovegreen, Aging Today

November 2016 - Emelda Harris is 83 years old and has been dealing with diabetes for the past 20 years. That she is still active is a testament to her steadfastness and strength in coping with a challenging health condition.

Harris, a Creve Coeur, Mo., resident and a former elementary school teacher and college administrator, recently got a wellness boost by participating in a program called Better Choices, Better Health–Diabetes, a six-week workshop developed at Stanford University and offered by the Oasis Institute, a national nonprofit organization that promotes healthy aging. The program helps people implement strategies for coping with an illness that has had a devastating impact, particularly for the 25 percent of older Americans who have type 2 diabetes.  Read the article.

Marge Williams, OASIS instructor, teachers seniors how to use smart devices

Teaching grandpa how to text? Classes help older adults master smartphones

By Doug Moore, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

July 1, 2016 - Mary Lou Anderson held the smartphone with authority. Two months into her relationship with the device, things are going well. Friends showed her how to text and email from her Samsung 7. And making or receiving a phone call? No sweat.

But Anderson, 66, of Dogtown, knew the hand-held computer was capable of much more. She signed up for a class on Android use, learning how to shop for apps, access the calendar and attach photos to text messages...
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San Diego Oasis receives Breaking Away Award

San Diego Oasis receives Breaking Away Award

March 18, 2016 - KUSI-TV recognized San Diego Oasis with its Breaking Away award, given to people and organizations who are making exceptional contributions to the community.
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