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Thirty years of discovering life after 50

How has OASIS changed your life? Since 1982 thousands of adults 50 and older have benefited from OASIS in different
ways. We've enjoyed hearing about your experiences and sharing your stories on our 30th anniversary.

Meet Lynn Oliger, CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer. His personal experience with obesity and journey back to better health inspired him to get involved and help educate young people about the importance of healthy eating and staying active.

Meet more OASIS members who are celebrating life after 50!
Marc Boguslaw and Robert Poindexter, Volunteer Connections Instructors
Evelyn Gillespie, CATCH Healthy Habits Volunteer

Tell us your OASIS story! To celebrate our 30th year, we want to share your experiences. If you have benefited from OASIS, please tell us!

2011 OASIS Annual Report:
mining our richest resource

Volunteers are essential to our mission of  successful aging. The lives they touch include young children, working people and adults in all stages of retirement. Research shows that in serving their communities, they are leading happier, healthier lives.The 2011 OASIS Annual Report focuses on volunteers, our richest resource.

On page 12 of the report you'll meet Joan Lane, who learned how to manage her health and take better care of herself in Living a Healthy Life – one of many OASIS wellness classes supported by Sam's Club.

Want to learn about the Affordable Care Act?

Visit our news page for information on the recent Supreme Court ruling and how the Act will affect you.

New grants support OASIS Tutoring


Helping more children learn to read
OASIS is grateful that the following foundations have made recent investments in the OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring program:
  • The Vance Foundation and Stocker Foundation have provided grant support to Tucson OASIS to maintain and expand OASIS Tutoring in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) and other area districts. Maggie Shafer, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools at TUSD, says, "I'm confident our expanded partnership with OASIS will have an even stronger effect our students’ reading comprehension."
  • The Hearst Foundations' support is making is possible for Indianapolis OASIS to introduce OASIS Tutoring in the Indianapolis Public Schools.
  • Recent grant investments from the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, Boeing Employees Community Fund, Saigh Foundation and the Monsanto Fund are making it possible for the OASIS Institute to expand OASIS Tutoring in the St. Louis public schools and surrounding districts.
  • The USAA Foundation and Greehey Family Foundation awarded grants to the San Antonio Tutoring Program this year.
  • McCune Charitable Foundation awarded a grant in support of the Albuquerque OASIS Tutoring program.

OASIS celebrates and recognizes recent funding partners in this e-newsletter on an ongoing basis. Learn more about how you can support OASIS.


Thank you, OASIS tutors!

From an email sent to OASIS tutors by a school reading specialist:

"I want to take this opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings about what you have brought to this school.

Our children now face challenges we never thought about when we were growing up. Technology pulls them in so many directions. Families are working so hard to keep afloat. Add to that demands placed on them by their teachers and you have children being rushed from one spot to the next, assessed and reassessed, with little time to enjoy the company of a caring adult who is interested in their story.

And in you come, with a smile, a genuine interest, compassion and a desire to help.

I thoroughly understand why your children's eyes light up when you enter the room. They might not always know what's for lunch, but they know what day you are coming, and they greet you with a pure and honest smile. There is no assessment to measure that!

Thank you for what you do week in and week out. You are making such a difference with every visit."


John Marlowe
Reading Specialist
Tamworth, NH