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Find your next adventure with Oasis this fall

Oasis Albuquerque is a unique educational program for older adults who want to learn and be productive throughout life. 

It's your time to enjoy lifelong learning and healthy living classes, travel, volunteer opportunities and more. 

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Oasis Tutoring Program

Oasis Intergenerational TutoringOasis Tutoring: One child, one tutor, one school year. Two lives forever changed. 


Upcoming Programs

Print by Betty Hahn

The Carved Line:
Block Printmaking in New Mexico

A lecture by Dr. Josie Lopez
Class #6

Friday, December 1      
10:30am-12pm at Oasis 


Alaska by Land & Cruise

Alaska trip

Oasis/Collette Trip:

Aug 28-Sept 9, 2018

Reserve by February 21, 2018 for best prices

Art Gallery Exhibit

Jeannette Williams Paintings
Who Let The Dogs Out
is our fall art exhibit of paintings and prints by Jeannette Williams. 

  Sponsored by