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Know your risk of falling

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This assessment is based on the CDC STEADI screening.
*Please visit your primary care physician for more in-depth screening.*

Albuquerque Falls Prevention

When Alice McHugh fell, breaking a bone in her foot, she was just going about her daily routine. She’s on the mend now, but more committed than ever to get back to teaching Oasis falls prevention classes. Alice is featured in a new video with Dr. Laurie Punch, a BJC trauma surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine. Find out what they have to say about how you can stay on your feet!

Defy Gravity

Staying Strong and Steady with Albuquerque Oasis


Albuquerque Fitness Classes
One of the best ways to stay on your feet is to be active. In addition to classes that are specifically designed to address falls prevention, it's helpful to remember that any physical activity makes you stronger and better able to catch yourself if you do fall! Find a fitness class you love and keep moving for better strength and balance.

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  Tai Chi

Albuquerque Tai Chi
Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation and National Council on Aging, this evidence-based class, developed by Dr. Lam, has been shown to ease joint pain and improve balance. Basic principles of Tai Chi are incorporated into the class to leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and well

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Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Quan
The eight balance-challenging forms are adapted from Yang style Tai Chi and performed in a slow, flowing manner, coordinated with natural breathing. Improve coordination, body awareness, lower body strength, and range of motion, and learn skills directly related to everyday activities.

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Falls Prevention in the Home:

Beyond the Throw Rugs

Falls Prevention Beyond Throw Rugs

One in four adults over age 65 experiences a fall each year, and most falls occur in the home. Join Janet Popp to learn the many ways you can make small changes to improve the ease and safety of moving around your home.

Friday      09/28/18      

10:30am - 12:00pm


Taste of Oasis

2018 Taste of Oasis

Friday, September 21, 2018


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