Eugene OASIS
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For just a little of your time each week . . .

You can be a tutor, mentor and friend to a child who needs your help.

A 10-year tutor commented on her efforts to help a child experience success:

"It's the relationship that counts. How true it was when the child said 'That was pretty cool, can we do that again?' A smile, a sense of accomplishment, a question: 'Is an hour up already?'"

The national OASIS Tutoring program celebrated its 20 year anniversary in 2009. Locally, the program has operated for 12 years in Springfield, 11 years in Eugene and 7 years in Harrisburg. Tutors are paired with young children in grades K-3 to work on language acquisition, reading and writing skills. Trained tutors are placed in Eugene, Springfield and Harrisburg school districts each spring and fall.

There are many local children in need of special support and mentoring. The OASIS program gives them some balance and one-on-one attention that can be lacking in a crowded classroom. According to one tutor, "the children's self-confidence just zooms with that kind of attention."

About OASIS in Eugene

The OASIS education center in Macy's at Valley River Center closed in March, 2012, however the OASIS Tutoring program continues. We offer our sincerest thanks to our participants and volunteers for their dedication to OASIS over the last 17 years.