Kids say the darndest things

And their OASIS tutors love it!

A student told his OASIS tutor, "Wednesday is my favorite day. I get pizza for lunch and you!” Wouldn’t you love to know that you ranked #1 on someone’s list—right alongside pizza? That's just one of the many wonderful comments I hear from OASIS volunteer tutors. You can learn more about what it's like to be a tutor ... and rank #1 alongside pizza.
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How to help reduce your risk of falling

Simple tips to keep you upright!

Balance is defined as “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady." It sounds simple in theory but everything from quick movements to health issues can impair our ability to remain upright. How can you help prevent falls?
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Silly Putty...the retro toy has other uses, too

Wellness with Cindy

What pink substance is a toy, a stress reliever and can be used to clean a computer keyboard? Silly Putty of course, an icon of American pop culture. It is the classic toy with only “one moving part” that comes in a plastic egg. While kids love its fun attributes like stretching without breaking, Silly Putty is used by adults in more practical applications.
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St. Louis children to be photojournalists for "Pictures of Hope"

OASIS tutors will work one-on-one to help the children express their dreams through photography

Children experiencing homelessness will have a unique opportunitiy to express their hopes and dreams visually through "Pictures of Hope" at OASIS at the Center of Clayton August 9, 2014 at 9:30.  OASIS is collaborating with photographer Linda Solomon and Gateway 180 on the project, which is sponsored by Chevrolet.
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Thinking outside the typical job-hunting box

Starting over at 57

I may have to retire from my career job but that does not mean I am retiring from ever earning an income again. I have marketable skills that are valued in today’s workplace market. There are lots of income opportunities out there. I simply have to figure out how to turn these opportunity options into an income reality that works for me. 
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Eating healthy and delicious

Wellness with Cindy

Gram always said, “If you have your health, you have everything.” Good health is the cornerstone on which to build your life’s goals and dreams. Whether your goals include a new career or a trip to an exotic locale, you will need the energy and focus that healthy eating provides, like this summer favorite, Spicy Fruit Salsa.
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Another pension income reality: I’m an income snob

Starting over at 57

It’s a relief to know that I can actually afford to retire now and be able to comfortably live and financially sustain my lifestyle. I will earn/generate more income in retirement than my current net take home pay. So what’s the problem? 
Income social status! 
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Gluten-free shopping

Cutting costs on a gluten-free diet

Even if you or someone you know does not suffer from a gluten allergy, if you have paid attention to the media lately or visited your local grocery store, there is a very good chance you have heard the expression “gluten-free.” Living with Celiac's disease, I have been gluten-free since long before it became a diet fad.
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Understanding your body's metabolism to lose weight

Wellness with Cindy

“I only eat once a day. Why can’t I lose weight?” A common myth involving weight loss is that starving your body will force it to lose weight. This idea is based on wishful thinking rather than a basic understanding of how your body functions.
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Thank you, OASIS CATCH Healthy Habits volunteers!

Without you, CATCH wouldn't be possible

To our CATCH Healthy Habits volunteers ... we can’t thank you enough for all you do to make your communities healthier for generations to come. In addition to teaching youth about healthy habits, you are also passing along knowledge and motivation to your peers and perhaps inspiring yourself too.
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Fourth of July and tomato pie

How are you celebrating Independence Day?

Fourth of July is the time for two of our favorite family traditions—patriotic music and home grown tomato pie. Want to share in our traditions? Read on for the secret tomato pie recipe back on Mother’s Day weekend when I planted our garden. As for our love affair with patriotic songs, that started back in the 70s.
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A good reason to get RIPPED

… into shape, that is!

Michael Colabufo has strugged to keep his heart healthy for years after a heart attack at age 38. When he retired, he was overweight with high cholesterol and knew he had to do something about it. He found the answer through the fitness programs at OASIS in Syracuse.
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