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Are we talking about my retirement expectations or yours?

Starting over at 57

I'm being blasted from colleagues and friends as “jumping ship” prematurely into retirement because I’m not using some pre-packaged presumed assumption of how I will be living my life when I retire from my current career job. Whose retirement is this, anyway?
Monday, June 30, 2014/Mary Calhoun| Profile/Number of views (9074)/Comments (-)/
Categories: Workforce

So what about retirement? If you can, do you want to?

Starting over at 57

Thirty-five years of saving, 10 years of aggressive investing and the last five years of  learning to live on 32%-46% of my salary, had finally paid off. I could retire and have more income during retirement than I have while still working. But my heart is not in it to retire ... yet.
Wednesday, June 04, 2014/Mary Calhoun| Profile/Number of views (6384)/Comments (-)/
Categories: Life after 50
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