CATCH Healthy Habits in Hartford

Better Health for Children and Adults

CATCH Healthy Habits pairs adults 50-plus with children to encourage healthier eating and physical activity.

OASIS collaborates with Community Renewal Team, Inc. to offer the CATCH Healthy Habits Program in the Hartford area.

Community Renewal Team, Inc. is the designated Community Action Agency for Middlesex and Hartford Counties and is the largest non-profit provider of human services in Connecticut. The agency’s mission is to change lives and create opportunity for individuals and families in our communities. The mission is achieved each day by helping people and families become self-sufficient while making sure basic needs are met. CRT’s programs include Head Start, Meals on Wheels, energy assistance, supportive housing and shelters, and many others, serving people in more than 60 cities and towns in both our core catchment area and throughout Connecticut. Visit us at

The CATCH program combats the serious public health problem of obesity by engaging mature adults as mentors to teach healthy lifelong habits to kids in grades K - 5.

Community Renewal Team partners with OASIS, and are supported by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation in delivering the CATCH Healthy Habits program in Hartford.

You can help!

Research shows that adults over 50 who volunteer have lower rates of depression and mortality and greater functional ability than those who do not volunteer. And as a CATCH volunteer, you are not only helping promote healthy habits for kids but also gaining that experience for yourself! Being involved in the CATCH program also provides the opportunity to experience the rewards of meaningful community service. 

Join the fun!

For one hour a week, join a team of volunteers to teach children about good food choices, share healthy snacks and play games. Training, lesson plans, snacks and equipment are provided.

Here are our 2014 Spring & Summer CATCH Healthy Habits locations in Hartford:

  • Manchester Early Learning Center After School Sites

  • Vernon Parks & Recreation After School Sites

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford

To find out more, email Delores Wisdom, or call her 860-760-3077.

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What CATCH Health Habits volunteers are saying

"I love being with the children and being involved in the program. I hope to continue to be involved. I am thankful to have found the program and be part of the volunteer team."
Sheila Dunn
Vernon, CT

"To have the special opportunity to be a volunteer in the Manchester CATCH Healthy Habits program this fall was a gift I had not seen coming. The program gave me the chance to interact with an exceptional group of children who were already reasonably informed about foods and their eating habits were better than others. I will certainly be the first in line to sign up again next year. Thank you for the marvelous opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and learn something new."
Cheryl St-Cyr Bellisle  Manchester, CT
"Working with my colleagues and child participants in the CATCH Healthy Habits program was a very rewarding experience. Personally, it was a great joy and delight to see how bright and inquisitive the children were to learn about healthy foods and play games every week. As a Health Coach, one of my desires is to support people in how to live healthier lives. By working with these young children and seeing how the program has made such a great impact on them and their families, has allowed me to fulfill one of my missions in life, 'each one, teach one.' "
Cheryl Smith-Davis  Certified Health Coach  West Hartford, CT