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OASIS is a 4-star charity

The OASIS Institute has earned a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator. Only one of four nonprofits reviewed earns 4 stars, a rating that means your gifts are used responsibly. Read more in our news release.

Giving Levels

Legacy Circle
Reserved for donors who have included OASIS as a beneficiary of their estate plans.

Founder's Circle
($10,000 and above)

President's Circle

Matisse Benefactor

Matisse Fellow

Contributing Scholar

Sustaining Scholar

Scholar ($100-$249)

Friend ($50-$99)

*All donors giving $10.00 or more per month in online, recurring donations will be recognized at the Sustaining Scholar level or higher depending on total giving in a calendar year. 

Are you a federal employee?

You can also support the OASIS Institute through the Combined Federal Campaign, Code 78446.

Donate now to support the programs you love
Your tax-deductible gift will support successful aging in the community of your choice. You may wish to click “Create an Account” below so you can view your online donations and manage your billing information. Donor accounts differ from MyOasis accounts and are not required. Whether or not you create a donor account, your information is safe and secure. Thank you!

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