She helps people around the world and in her own backyard

Carroll Hutchinson is aware of many people’s needs around the world. She tries to help by giving her time to 10,000 Villages; she also travels and works on service projects with Cross Cultural Solutions, just to same a few of the ways she helps to make people’s lives better. But Carroll also recognizes there are people who need help closer to home, which is why she helps children to read better in Portland as an OASIS Intergenerational Tutor.

“So many children fall behind in school early and eventually struggle to graduate,” says Carroll. “They need earlier intervention, which is where I can help them.”
Carroll knows she can make a difference in the lives of the children she tutors by being consistent, supportive and by offering them encouragement along the way. But as is often the case with other volunteer opportunities, the person sharing their time feels they receive something from the experience as well.  
“Some of the best times are seeing when a light bulb turns on in a child’s head and they understand, all of a sudden!” says Carroll. “It is so rewarding to see that, and to be a part of the process.”
Carroll is one of those special people who looks for ways to help others. Thank you, Carroll, for all you do to help needy people throughout the world and for all you do to help children to read and do better in school in Portland, Oregon, USA.