Meet Hiram Wilbourne of Los Angeles

Hiram Wilbourne is moving with confidence now

“I think I should know my body better than anybody else,” says  Wilbourne. “And I want to have as high a quality of life as I can. If we educate ourselves, we’ll be able to look after our own health better. That’s why I stay active and take so many OASIS health classes.”

Wilbourne took part in the Free From Falls program at the Baldwin Hills OASIS in Los Angeles.  Participants were encouraged to take all four of the course options in the series: Fall Prevention and You, Safe at Home, Matter of Balance and Better Balance.

He says he tries to be more aware of his surroundings, and has even modified his home after what he learned during the Safe at Home course.

“My wife and I are putting textured tile in our bathroom to prevent slipping, and we’re installing hardwood rather than carpet on our floors, for better balance.”

“Many of my students start the class moving very cautiously,” says Robert Pruitt, who teaches Better Balance. “But after they learn how to use their muscles and think about their movements, the confidence level soars! It’s evident in the way they carry themselves.”

The Partners in Care Foundation provides materials for OASIS Matter of Balance classes, through the California Evidence-Based Health Promotion Initiative, to reach out to underserved communities and prevent injuries. The program is supported by a grant from the California Wellness Foundation.

“Research shows that fear is a primary risk factor for falls,” says Kristie Patton, project manager at the California Health Innovation Center. “These classes offer practical skills to diminish that fear.”