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It’s your time to have the time of your life – with Oasis.

Join us for exciting programs this spring!

Share our excitement, sign up for classes and explore our volunteer opportunities.

Download our full course catalog or the Spring Mini catalog to see our classes or view and sign up for classes online.

Arts and Entertainment

Enjoy music, dance, theater and storytelling performances by local artists. Join our orchestra or let your inner artist bloom at the Indianapolis Art Center during the Make It Take It series.

Living and Exploring 

We’re proud of the engaging close-to-home Living and Exploring opportunities we offer throughout the year. Just a few of the things in store for this spring:

  • The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) encourages developing sustainable behaviors across many dimensions that lead to improved health, stronger economic security, enhanced well-being and increased societal participation.
  • Culinary Delights – This trimester, learn to cook for just one or two; make fresh dough from scratch; discover what foods to eat to build better bones; and join Chef Rick for a delicious meal that YOU will help prepare.
  • The Hope Center – Take an exclusive tour of the campus and learn about the history and mission of the center that serves survivors of human trafficking.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park - take an armchair tour of this spectacular park, courtesy of David Medved.
  • Rooftop Garden Tour – Enjoy a tour of the unique garden at the Eskenazi Health downtown campus. A healthy lunch prepared fresh on-site is included.

Exercise and Wellness

Health is key to doing all the other things you want to do. Sharpen your memory, strengthen your body and learn all you can about the health topics that matter for seniors. We have more ways than one to help you find just the right information you need and find an activity that’s right for you.

  • The Doctor Is In: Hips, Shoulders and Knees are the topics for discussion with Dr. Kurt Martin. He'll talk about general orthopaedic care and joint replacement.
  • Small Group Fitness: instructor Theresa Lynn-Combs will evaluate your strengths and design a workout just for you. You'll set goals and accountability in this small group setting.
  • Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body. Science provides insights into how to make lifestyle choices that may help you keep your brain and body healthy as you age.  Join this class to learn about the latest research.

Computers and Technology

  • Managing Your Digital Footprint We leave a trail of data behind when we use the Internet. Learn how to protect identity and information - let's be safe out there!
  • Computer One-on-One: Bring your charged device and/or questions and work one-on-one with an instructor.
  • Lunch and Learn: How to cut the cable cord and stop paying hundreds of dollars for TV.

Calling all tutors!

Join the ranks of dedicated volunteers working one-on-one with children in 93 area elementary schools through our nationally recognized Intergenerational Tutoring Program.

Learn about more opportunities to volunteer with us.

From the Director

Mary Dorney, Indianapolis Oasis Director

Dear Oasis Members, Volunteers, Staff, Instructors, Board of Directors, Community Partners, and Sponsors,

It is with greatest regard and appreciation that I thank each of you, and all of you, for the privilege to work with you, and for you, over the past 24 years.

What a wonderful journey this has been.  At the core of every treasured moment – and you can be sure there are too many to count – will always be the memories and lessons I have learned from you.

So many of you were here when I started and you will be here when I retire, December 28, 2018!  What a testimony you are to Oasis and successful aging.  I do hope I can emulate at least some of the exceptional role modeling you have provided.

And yes, you have already expressed your desire to sign me up to join the essential corps of volunteers who serve as the administrative backbone of the organization, as peer instructors, as passionate mentors through the tutoring program and as life coaches as you greet, listen and encourage all who enter our doors on a daily basis.  You are priceless.

What will I do without you?  To quote Winnie-the-Pooh, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”  However, I am twice-blessed as I don’t have to say goodbye.  I now have the opportunity to be a member and enjoy to the fullest all that Oasis has to offer.  Many of you have heard me say through the years that everyone should have an Oasis in their future and that Oasis is the last “great wait” -  and indeed, it is worth waiting for.

Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my life - every hour and every day. “Friends may come and friends may go, but none that I will treasure so.”  You are the best and I have been blessed.  I am so excited for all the possibilities that await Oasis.  The best is yet to be.

With gratitude,

Mary Dorney

Executive Director

August 28, 2018