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Tips and Ideas for Tutors

“Tutors Explore” Series of Plans (Science & Senses)

Below, see some new suggestions to liven up your tutoring hour with your child.  The ones selected this month can all be found under the heading “Tutors Explore”.  All of the ones listed below have plans available for download to get you started on a fun session with your student focusing on science and the senses.  Use Tutor Power to find these plans.  You can also search for Science Across the Generations and find 21 additional plans for science discussions.

Tutors Explore:  Weather  Interest Level: 3-4
Students will discuss how thunder and lightning travel at different speeds. They will learn to use a flashlight to practice the counting technique used in the book to tell how far away the storm is. Students will be encouraged to relate their own storm experiences and then write about them.

Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco
Grandma consoles her frightened granddaughter by telling her that the dark clouds of the impending storm are nothing more than the ingredients for a Thunder Cake.

Tutors Explore:  Exploring    Interest Level: 1-2
Students will talk about observations they have made involving forest animals. They will make a "scientific chart" about the animals in the book listing the animal, color, home and clue.

In the Woods: Who’s Been Here by Lindsay Barrett George
The children in the story don't see any wildlife as they walk through the woods, yet there are signs everywhere that animals have been around. Help these young nature lovers find the clues—an empty nest, a fallen branch with the bark gnawed off, bleached bones by a cave, and more—and join in guessing, "Who's been here?"

Tutors Explore: Water   Interest Level:  K-1

Students will be guided to talk about water's properties, its uses, where it is found, etc. This simple and colorful book looks at different forms of water and how important it is. The student will participate in an experiment showing how one drop of water can move a toothpick.

Water by Frank Asch
Water is beautiful and useful and, in its many forms, vital to life. In this lyrical book, Frank Asch encourages young readers to appreciate anew one of our most precious resources. 

Tutors Explore: Air    Interest Level:  2-4
Students will be encouraged to tell what they know about flight. The book provides an easy-to-read overview of the history of aircraft. Activities include making a whirlygig and a matching game of airplane words that rhyme.

Amazing Aircraft by Seymour Simon
The author gets to the essence of the facts about aircraft through bold, dramatic color photographs and short, crisp texts. 

Tutors Explore: Light   Interest Level:  K-3
Shadows and how to create them will be explained and demonstrated. In the book Kyle and Jenna discover how their older siblings managed to scare them by using shadows. They use the same trick to get revenge. The students will use a flashlight to make shadows of various objects.

Monster Bug by Linda Hayward
This is a fun story about light and shadows. 

Tutors Explore: Birds and Other Creatures that Fly  Interest Level:  2-4
Students will observe and then compare bird beaks.  Students will use clothespins to see how the beak works to pick up various types of food.

Urban Roosts: Where Birds Nest in the City by Barbara Bash
The book describes the birds that make their homes in the heart of the city and examines how they have adjusted to such a harsh urban environment. 

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