Healthy Habits
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Making and Keeping Healthy Habits

Are you waiting for the right time to make a change to improve your health? So often we have good intentions for eating, exercise and other daily habits, but circumstances get in our way -- travel, visitors, stress, holidays, family etc.

Here's a way to start turning those good intentions into real habits. The OASIS Personal Health Action Plan can help you set your goals and plan strategies to meet those goals.

1. Identify your goal.  What is the one healthy habit you want to focus on? Some common responses are to: eat healthfully, stay physically active, have enough time with friends and family, or stay stress-free. Avoid making large goals; keep them simple and attainable.

2. Detail the steps you will take to meet your goal.  Try to be as detailed as possible. Answer What? When? and How often? Be careful not to make your steps too general. You really want this to be your plan of action.

3. What benefits will you gain from meeting this goal?

  • How will you feel if you meet your goal?
  • What health benefits could you gain?
  • Are there any barriers to meeting your goal?  How will you address them?
  • Are there internal and/or external forces that may make it difficult to meet your goal?
  • What are you going to do when you encounter a barrier?

4. Is there anyone who can support you? Can you enlist friends and family to join you in your quest or to simply support you during this time?

5. How will you check yourself to make sure you are on track? Can a friend or loved one help? Would writing down your progress help keep you on track? Are there OASIS classes that can help?

6. Think about rewards. How will you reward yourself as you work toward your goal to help keep you on track?  How will you reward yourself once you meet your goal?

7. Commit to your plan. Commit that you will do your best!

Make Your Own Plan!
Now, use the OASIS HealthStages Personal Health Action Plan to help you set specific goals and identify difficult situations that you may encounter. With a plan in place, you can feel confident about continuing your new healthy habits.

Click here for a blank action plan to help.

If you slip a little on maintaining your healthy habits -- that's okay. Don't beat yourself up over it. Learn from the experience and pick up where you left off!

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