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Healthy Habits for Adults

Take charge of what you eat and how you feel! Healthy Habits for Adults is a series of one-hour health classes offered by Oasis and community partners. These fun and interactive classes include a healthy snack, recipe ideas, a nutrition lesson and low impact exercise.


Take a class.

Get motivated by learning new tools to help you improve nutrition and increase exercise. 

Some class offerings include: 

  • The Skinny on Fat: Reducing fat in your diet

  • Eating the Rainbow: Love your colorful fruits and veggies

  • Shake the Salt Habit: Limiting salt in your diet

  • How Sweet It Is: Limiting sugar in your diet

  • The Whole Truth About Whole Grains

  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Stay Regular: Enjoy the Power of Fiber in Your Diet

  • Dairy Foods: Calcium and Vitamin D Superstars

  • Protein: The Body's Own Superman

  • Fluids: Tips to Stay Hydrated and Make Healthy Beverage Choices

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Healthy Living Guides

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