Android Tablet Essentials

Introductory course to Android tablets.

Instructor information

Android devices are updated based on schedules dictated by device manufacturers and carriers. Google releases new updates, which can take months to be implemented on devices--if ever. We suggest using the latest manual available (Lollipop) even though you may encounter some older devices with Jelly Bean. The Lollipop manual covers the latest changes in Ok Google and Google Now, among other recent changes to the Google and Android ecosystem. 

This course is features the Nexus tablet, the closest thing to "pure" Android. Android devices differ between manufacturers (the latest version Lollipop imposes more continuity than earlier versions) because Google allows device makers to overlay their own look on top of the base Android operating system. Be aware that students' devices may have additional stock apps that are specific to their device.

If possible, contact students and remind them to bring a fully charged device and their Google login information. 
Students will need access to a Wi-Fi network.

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This course will teach you the basic skills of using your Android-based tablet device including initial setup, gestures, organizing apps and Home screens, finding and installing useful apps, and using Maps and the Camera functions. This course does not include phone-specific information (functions used by the phone only.)


Android Lollipop

Current version: V1.0
Published: October 2015
Translations: English
Recommended course length: 2-3 sessions
Number of pages: 36 pages 

Android Jelly Bean

Current version: v1
Published: January 2014
Translations: English
Recommended course length: 2 sessions
Number of pages: 26 pages