Introduction to Computers Windows 7/10

Updated for Windows 10!

When you need a comprehensive course that starts with the basics - start here. This course is a ground-level introduction for the student who needs to learn what a tower and mouse is, how to properly turn a computer on and off, how to use windows in Windows, an introduction to the Internet and email, and includes an introduction to word processing. For a shorter version of this course see Meet the Computer.

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Depending on your audience, you may wish to substitute the Microsoft Word section with Microsoft Word Online in the longer Introduction to Computers manual. Word Online is a free browser-based version that may be more appropriate to casual learners. 

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Introduction to Computers

In this fun, hands-on course you will learn all the basic computer skills including using the mouse and keyboard, working with Microsoft Windows 7 and 10, using Microsoft Word, surfing the Internet and using Email. This course is ideal for someone who has a little experience with the computer but wants to know more. 


Current version: v2.61
Published: August, 2016
Translations: English, (Korean V2.3, April, 2014 and Spanish V2.61 August, 2016)
Recommended course length: 6 sessions
Number of pages: 124 pages

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