Windows has undergone significant changes and everyone needs a guide to learn the ins and outs of the new operating systems. Windows 10 represents Microsoft's vision of a unified operating system that bridges PCs, tablets, and phones, but everyone isn't there yet.

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This course will show your students how to easily and quickly use the Start screen, download apps, customize their computer, add accounts, and enjoy all the latest features in no time. 

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Windows 10

This course will walk you through the innovative changes introduced with Windows 10. Each student in a lab setting will learn the basics of managing Windows 10 settings, how to navigate and customize the Start menu, quickly find and install apps from the Microsoft Store, add User Accounts, enable and personalize Cortana , and use OneDrive to save files to the cloud. This Windows 10 class assumes the student has some experience of a previous version of Windows.


Windows 8.1

Want to know how to get around in Windows 8.1 like a pro? This class is for you. This class will show how to get around with a few simple gestures and keyboard shortcuts. You'll learn how to customize the look, find and download apps, and use OneDrive. Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 are due to be replaced in the summer of 2015. This class will show you the concepts that will remain in Windows 10, putting you ahead of the curve!


Windows 10

Current version: V4.0
Published: Fall 2017
Translations: English / Spanish (version 1.0)
Recommended course length: 2-3 sessions
Number of pages: 59 pages

Windows 10

Current version: V2.0
Published: September 2016
Recommended course length: 2-3 sessions
Number of pages: 53 pages

Windows 8.1

Current version: v2.1
Published: March 2015
Translations: English / Spanish
Recommended course length: 2-3 sessions
Number of pages: 46 pages