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OASIS Connections is evidence-based

According to a study by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, computer illiteracy among older adults is being successfully addressed through the OASIS Connections curriculum. 

The study measured the effectiveness of Connections by looking at a diverse group of mature adults – average age 70 – in Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh and St. Louis. According to the study, computer knowledge of the training group increased 179 percent as a result of Connections classes - proving that the Connections curriculum works.

The study measured the effectiveness of the beginning courses in the Connections curriculum by looking at a diverse group of mature adult participants. The researchers found that among the participants:

  • Use of computers increased for 55 percent of the group
  • Computer knowledge increased 179 percent
  • Internet knowledge increased 95 percent
  • Computer skills: Participants scored an average of 93 percent on a computer task and 76 percent on an Internet task, demonstrating skills to open, edit, save and print files, use email and find information on the Internet.
  • Satisfaction: More than 90 percent of participants said the courses were enjoyable and the training was valuable.

Read the research study summary.

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