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Friends Fighting Fraud

Did you know?


Identity theft and other forms of fraud are on the rise. In 2012, 12.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft, with losses of more than $21 billion—that’s one victim every three seconds.

Oasis aims to empower adults 50+ to stop scammers in their tracks with a helpful curriculum designed to encourage peer-led fraud awareness and prevention efforts. Through a pilot project made possible with support from Wells Fargo Advisors, Oasis has developed a Friends Fighting Fraud curriculum for older adults to help one another recognize, report and most importantly, prevent fraud. These materials are based on information provided by the Federal Trade Commission, Wells Fargo Advisors Hands On Banking and other expert sources. 

Peers are the perfect leaders!

We know that peer leaders understand the needs of their communities and play an important role in enhancing the health and well-being of local residents. Our Women in class togetherpilot classes were led by trained peer volunteers who facilitated discussions and provided basic information about some of the most common types of fraud, including:

  • Identity Theft
  • Paying too much
  • Healthcare scams
  • Imposter “granny” scams
  • You’ve won scams
  • Tax fraud

This approach provided participants an opportunity to build their knowledge, share what they knew and take responsibility for their own safety and security.


Pilot classes were held in 2015, serving over 500 participants in St. Louis and San Antonio, who reported significant impact. (See their feedback at right.) To learn more about how you can protect yourself from fraud, visit these helpful links:

The Federal Trade Commission's Pass It On  

Senior Scam Action Associates "ScammerCast"











  • 90% of participants rated their ability to identify fraud as “improved or greatly improved” as a result of the class
  • 83% of participants planned to share what they learned with others
  • 54% planned to make changes to the way they handle their own financial information to prevent being victimized


The Friends Fighting Fraud curriculum was developed with support from Wells Fargo Advisors.