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Conquer the barriers between you and a healthy lifestyle

Being active, eating right and staying connected to others are keys to lifelong health and vitality. Yet most of us put other things first.

What's holding you back? Health concerns? Not enough time, energy or motivation? Maybe you're just not sure where to start. Oasis evidence-based health programs are proven to help people like you make lasting healthy changes in their lives.

Active Start
Active Start is proven to help sedentary adults develop more physically active lifestyles. The program combines Active Living Every Day, a behavior change program, and Exerstart, an exercise program. Both of these programs can also be offered individually.  More

Chronic Disease Self-Management
Developed at Stanford University, these programs focus on skills to cope with the common symptoms and frustrations of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis or depression. More

Better Balance and A Matter of Balance
These programs are part of Free from Falls, a comprehensive fall prevention program designed for older adults who are still independent and want to make changes to prevent future falls.  These two programs are evidenced-based and are designed to reduce the fear of falling, and increase and maintain activity levels. More