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Healthy Habits for Adults

Through the national sponsorship of Anthem Foundation, Oasis offers Healthy habits for Adults, a series of one-hour classes that focuses on achieving better health through improved nutrition and increased physical activity in older adults.

Why Healthy Habits for Adults?

Healthy Habits for Adults helps make good health easy to achieve. And eating well and getting regular physical activity are important for adults to stay healthy and lead active, fulfilling lifestyles.

Small changes matter

Among older adults, 92 percent have at least one chronic condition, and 77 percent have two or more. Good nutrition and regular exercise are important to manage or prevent chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Small lifestyle changes add up, such as those learned in these classes that help people continue activities that are important to them.


Oasis Healthy Habits for Adults classes are based on concepts from the MyPlate for Older Adults, developed by Tufts University.

Class topics include how to limit salt, sugar and fat; and how to increase whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables in our diets.

See upcoming programs:

Indianapolis, IN

Los Angeles, CA

Richmond, VA


St. Louis, MO

San Diego CA

Tucson, AZ


To learn more about Healthy Habits for Adults please contact:

Kathleen Stice




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