Remember my name . . . it's Mrs. Klassen!

Mrs. Klassen: I know your name is Ray. Now it is your turn to learn mine. I’ll help you. When you come to school in the morning you go to your classroom. My name is Mrs. Klassen. I want you to remember and tell me my name when I see you next week.

Next week . . .

Mrs. Klassen: Do you remember my name?
     Ray: Yes Yes!  It is Mrs. Schoolsen.

                   Ba-dump-bump – crash!

Madge Klassen is an OASIS Intergenerational Tutor in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She loves to read and loves to share that interest with the children she tutors. And they keep her laughing. . .

Daniel: How old are you?
     Mrs. Klassen: I’m 83.
Daniel: Is that more than 28?
                   Ba-dump-bump – crash!

At 83, nothing about Madge Klassen suggests slowing down or waiting for life to pass her by.

“I’m healthy, I’m available, and I live near the school where I tutor. I have the time and the opportunity to answer questions, offer explanations and stimulate interest in children!” she says. “What else can be so much fun, so rewarding and so easy?”

Madge is convinced that being an OASIS tutor has been a valuable experience for her and for some of the needier children.  “Frequently the boys and girls that I work with come from dysfunctional families.  Some are hungry; some are not as clean or well-groomed.  But I believe the one-on-one connection with a grandparent-type of tutor like me is a positive experience for a child even when learning to read is a struggle.”

Wait, she has another one for us!

Johnny:  Mrs. Klassen, are you married?
    Mrs. Klassen: Yes, I am.
Johnny:  Do you have any children yet?

                   Ba-dump-bump – crash!