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Know your risk of falling

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This assessment is based on the CDC STEADI screening.
*Please visit your primary care physician for more in-depth screening.*

San Antonio Oasis Falls Prevention

When Alice McHugh fell, breaking a bone in her foot, she was just going about her daily routine. She’s on the mend now, but more committed than ever to get back to teaching Oasis falls prevention classes. Alice is featured in a new video with Dr. Laurie Punch, a BJC trauma surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine. Find out what they have to say about how you can stay on your feet!

Defy Gravity

Fighting Falls with Fitness at San Antonio Oasis

Matter of Balance

San Antonio Matter of Balance

These classes are great for people who have a fear of falling and want to reduce their risk of a future fall.  Participants attend a total of eight 2-hour sessions, enjoy snacks with their peers while they learn to view falls and the fear of falling as controllable. The program incorporates group discussion, physical activity and a visit from a health care professional.

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Fitness Classes

San Antonio FitnessIt's important to remember that all physical activity is good for falls prevention. In addition to a number of classes that specifically address how to prevent falls, there are always good fitness classes that will help strengthen your core and improve your balance. Find an class you love and keep moving!

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Falls Prevention and You

San Antonio Fall Prevention and YouOne in four people over the age of 65 fall every year. It's important to remember that falls are not inevitable. They are preventable! Learn about why falls occur and what steps you can take to control your fall risks.

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Aging Mastery Program

Aging MasteryFalls prevention is one to the topics covered in The Aging Mastery Program®, a program developed by the National Council on Aging designed to give older adults an opportunity to discuss topics that matter as we age. Check it out!

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