Make Oasis part of your adventure.

Oasis is a unique educational program for older adults who want to learn and be productive throughout life. It's your time to enjoy lifelong learning and healthy living classes, travel, volunteer opportunities and much more. 

See our summer 2018 catalog! Registration continues throughout the term.     

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Arts & Humanities

The Smile, Laugh, Chuckle, Chortle, Whoop and Grin Theater Workshop presented by Sarah Schieffelin, member of Building Company Theater. Laughter is one of the greatest therapies of all time. It changes our attitudes, resets our moods and gets the “smiles glowin’ and the serotonin flowin’.” For seniors, improv comedy keeps minds flexible, creates social opportunities, and inspires pure joy.

Health and Wellness

Are you suffering with a chronic condition? In just six weeks you can enhance your ability to manage your health and maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Plan a travel adventure

road signs Join Oasis friends for some amazing trips in 2018. Which sounds most fun: a tour of U.S. National Parks or Ireland?

Become a volunteer

There are so many ways to make a difference with Oasis! Tutor, teach or find your place at our registration desk.

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