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What people are saying about Syracuse OASIS

Moderated Lecture Participants:  Having two sides presented was excellent.  Arguments went well together.  Reflects the difficulty in wrestling with very complicated issues. 
I was not sure that I wanted to attend this program, but am very happy I did.  This has been a most humane, civil and educational morning.  Am extremely grateful to OASIS and all contributors.
Good to have two presenters representing both sides of the issue.    I appreciated both speakers and OASIS’s willingness to present this controversial topic.
Participant: I am so grateful for all that OASIS offers the 50+ community! Years ago, my friends and I (who are NOW all in our mid-sixties) used to talk about where we would re-locate to when we retire.  NOW, we all agree we’re staying in Syracuse because it has OASIS! 
Volunteer: I use Call A Bus once or twice a week to get to OASIS either to take classes or to volunteer at the desk.  I started with classes in 2002 and when I thought I would like to work the reception desk, they trained me on the computer. Currently, I am enjoying the acrylic painting classes. OASIS has provided me with a new group of friends and an opportunity to learn and do things I never dreamed I'd be doing at my age.
Computer Class Participant:  Good mix of text, computer, outside sources, games!  Fun! 
Language Class Participant:  This class is always the high point of my week.  For at least six years I have enjoyed Carol’s teaching and learned so much!
Chronic Disease Self Management Participant:  Sharing with other people who live with chronic conditions has been so uplifting. Knowing that my feelings and questions are the same as theirs is a comfort to me.
Art Class Participant:  Jean does it again!  Nice balance between instruction and exploration.
History Class Participant:  History has always been terribly dull and boring.  Not anymore!  Mr. Henry's passionate and upbeat style of presentation drew me in.  At times I was right there in the middle of the action.  At other times it was like reading a NY Times #1 Best Seller and watching the Box Office Hit of the Year.  Thanks to Mr. Henry I gained a new  appreciation for the history of our country and its people.
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