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If you are looking for some adventure, a way to connect with others and stay active, Oasis is a good place to start.

Be one of thousands of older adults nationwide pursuing new passions, taking charge of their health and discovering the joy of giving back to the community through volunteer opportunities at a local Oasis. Look through our course catalog today and find something new to try. Bring along a friend!

Registration is easy!

  • Click on the catalog cover to download a pdf version of the catalog.

  • You can register online for classes. Please take a look at our how-to-register page for online registration instructions.

  • Paper registrations will be processed beginning at 10:30 a.m. on registration day (Thursday, August 23) in the order they were received.

  • Credit cards are the preferred form of payment.

  • If you’d prefer to mail in your registration, download this class registration form.


Here are a few examples of what’s coming up at Washington Metro Oasis:

Technology Classes

Gain the skills and confidence you need to stay connected in a tech-driven world with our many classes for older adults, where you can learn what you need to know.

Not sure which technology classes you are ready for? Take this Computer Self-Assessment Quiz.

Keep Moving

Strengthen your core, build your strength and endurance with a wide variety of exercise and fitness classes. There are so many, it’s hard to pick.

Lifelong Learning

It’s never too late to learn. Many older adults who have discovered Oasis will tell you they are just getting started. Find something in our course catalog that makes you curious and sign up today. You might just land on a new passion!


Looking for more out of life this winter? Oasis is the place to be!
Try these NEW programs:
  • A year-long series commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day (class #234, #310 and #423)
  • How to be an educated medical consumer (class #114, #224, and #431)
  • A technology-focused discussion group: Let’s Talk Tech (class #117)
  • How to have civil dialogue in contentious times (class #116)
Returning favorites:
  • Eight hot topic classes at our offsite auditorium, Gilchrist Hall at the Johns Hopkins Montgomery County campus
  • A social gathering for those who have lost a life partner (class #421)
  • Classes on downsizing (#321), estate planning (#430), and long-term care (#411)
At Oasis, we have the answer to “What’s Next?” Sign up for classes, join a discussion group, or explore our volunteer opportunities. It’s YOUR time!

Your partners in living life to the fullest,
The Oasis Team