Are we talking about my retirement expectations or yours?

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I'm being blasted from colleagues and friends as “jumping ship” prematurely into retirement because I’m not using some pre-packaged presumed assumption of how I will be living my life when I retire from my current career job. Whose retirement is this, anyway?

Surviving the realities of job hunting

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In these past few weeks, I have gone through an ego-bruising crash-course in job hunting 2014, and it has not been pretty.Today’s info-tech-centric culture means the job-hunting process has morphed into an endless series of click, select, edit, scan, download, save and submit buttons.

Becoming a parent at (almost) 50

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I became a new parent twice last year for the first time. Did I defy nature and give birth two times in one year? No. I officially became a parent for the first time to my darling 9 year-old twin stepsons when I married the love of my life; and a second time when I became my father's primary caregiver.

The nest is empty … now what?

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I feel old. Not only did I turn 50 years old last month, but my youngest son graduated from high school and is heading out of state to start college. For the first time in 21 years, I will not have any children at home. I feel that time is moving too fast and I want to yell at it to slow down. Sound familiar?

Want to improve your brain health and memory? Try juggling!

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Woman JugglingJuggling is not just entertaining, its exercise for the brain and body. Researchers have found links between learning to juggle and an increase in the grey matter in the brain. Twenty percent of the oxygen taken in by the body goes to the brain and 95% of that oxygen goes into grey matter.

Turning ageism on its age

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I’ve been on a couple of interviews now and they have been most enlightening. Every one has been hosted by individuals decades younger and considerably less experienced. There have been some awkward moments and some engaging ones. Who knew that I could charm these young folks into seriously considering me to be a part of their team, working under their direction?