Take advantage of your smart phone apps this summer

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Smart phones are powerful tools that can be used to enhance the things we enjoy. One of the great features of smart phones is all of the apps (applications) that can run on your phone. These programs make your phone a more useful tool by adding more functionality, especially when you’re on the move. Here are just a few of those handy apps.

Thinking outside the typical job-hunting box

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I may have to retire from my career job but that does not mean I am retiring from ever earning an income again. I have marketable skills that are valued in today’s workplace market. There are lots of income opportunities out there. I simply have to figure out how to turn these opportunity options into an income reality that works for me. 

Another pension income reality: I’m an income snob

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It’s a relief to know that I can actually afford to retire now and be able to comfortably live and financially sustain my lifestyle. I will earn/generate more income in retirement than my current net take home pay. So what’s the problem? 
Income social status! 

Fourth of July and tomato pie

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Fourth of July is the time for two of our favorite family traditions—patriotic music and home grown tomato pie. Want to share in our traditions? Read on for the secret tomato pie recipe back on Mother’s Day weekend when I planted our garden. As for our love affair with patriotic songs, that started back in the 70s.