Five questions to help you find your next volunteer role

Author: Patricia Gilbert/Monday, April 07, 2014/Categories: Volunteering

Are your New Year’s resolutions a distant memory or still on the “to do” list? 
Good news! If you vowed to “do something for myself” or “do something for others,” it’s not too late to do both! April is National Volunteer Month, the perfect time to find just the right role to change your life as well as the lives of those you touch.
According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, more than 62 million people volunteered through organizations in 2013. Increasingly, people in or nearing retirement look to volunteering as a way to achieve a life after work that is both active and meaningful. And many volunteers want to do more.
Here’s a quick quiz to find a rewarding role that works for you.
  1. What interests me? Is there a cause I want to support, an issue I feel strongly about, or a situation I want to remedy? 
  2. Do I prefer working with people or with things? Do I enjoy working alone, or would I like to work with others who share my interests? 
  3. Do I want to do something comfortable and familiar? Or am I ready to learn new skills and take on a different kind of challenge?
  4. What do I really have time for? Do I want an ongoing volunteer role, with a regularly scheduled time to volunteer? If so, how many hours a week can I give? Or do I prefer to be on call for special assignments? 
  5. What about transportation? Do I want to stick close to home, or am I willing to drive or take public transportation to another part of town where there’s a need?
Once you’ve defined the parameters for your ideal volunteer activity, what’s the best way to get involved?
If you live in a city where OASIS programs are offered, your local OASIS education center or OASIS partner can help you make the connection to the people who need you. Check our website to learn what's available.
Wherever you live, here are more resources to help you find the right fit:
Shirley Wald with the OASIS hikers
Shirley Wald (center) enjoys promoting good health as part of a volunteer team that plans and leads OASIS hikes. “We make sure that new people who join us feel welcome. The time goes by fast – we're just talking and enjoying being outside and all of a sudden you realize you’ve walked 3 miles .”

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