How often do we hear people say how thankful they are to be in good health?

It seems the older we get, the more keenly aware we become of all that is possible when our bodies and minds are in working order.

There is another interesting way to think about this. Studies show that people engaged in doing things that matter to them are healthier. I hope you’ll take a moment to read the story of Estelle Rosen, an Oasis tutor who has found over the years that working with children keeps her active, despite the challenges of aging.

Oasis is proud to offer the largest intergenerational tutoring program in the country, and has partnered with Generation to Generation – a five-year campaign to mobilize one million people over 50 to help young people thrive. More stories about Oasis tutors show just how impactful older adults can be toward shaping the future, and how they benefit from giving back.

We are excited about delivering a unique and effective community-based approach to health. Take a moment to read about Josie Tijerina, one of thousands benefiting by participating in Better Choices, Better Health®–Diabetes. These evidence-based workshops on diabetes self-management strategies were highlighted in Aging Today.

Falls prevention represents a huge opportunity to avoid injuries, help people resume activities safely after a fall and reduce healthcare costs. Sarah Lovegreen, national health director, describes our strategy to partner with more health and managed care providers  to expand these programs.

You can see these and more articles about how Oasis is changing the story for older adults in our 2016 Annual Report.

Matt Geekie, Marcia Kerz, Paul Weiss & Marylen Mann
Left to right: Matt Geekie, Oasis Institute Board Chairman; Marcia Kerz, former President; Paul Weiss, incoming President and Marylen Mann, founder of Oasis.

The gift of strong leadership

This year, we said farewell and a heartfelt thank you to Marcia Kerz, who served as our President for 16 years. While leading us with distinction through an ongoing process of refinement and growth, especially in evidence-based work, Marcia ensured that we stayed true to our mission and emerged as a leading voice in the field of aging in her own right. We are thankful.

I am confident that our next chapter will be just as exciting and full of impact, as we welcome Paul Weiss as our new President. Paul brings a wealth of experience in the nonprofit sector, primarily in the community health and fitness arenas. Under his leadership, programs have enjoyed tremendous growth in annual revenue, tripling in scope.

We’re especially excited about Paul’s demonstrated commitment to older adults. During a 12-year tenure as Chief Program Officer for Asphalt Green, a sports and fitness-focused non-profit in Manhattan, he led the publication of senior exercise training manuals that are used in more than 100 senior centers throughout New York City.

Thirty-five years ago, our founder Marylen Mann was determined to change the story for older adults by pioneering a holistic approach to healthy aging. Oasis continues to do this through programs that promote lifelong learning, wellness, and social and community engagement. We are grateful to the many donors, board members, partners and foundations who support this work for the older adults we serve and their communities.

Matt Geekie, Oasis Institute ChairmanI hope you will take the opportunity to see our 2016 Annual Report and share one of these stories with someone you know who might be looking for an adventure.

With Oasis, they’ll probably find just the right one.

Matt Geekie
The Oasis Institute