People who are turning 65 can be bombarded with sales pitches and complex information about Medicare. We think it’s very important to have an easy-to-use, reliable resource to help you decide on a plan that makes the most sense for your individual needs. That need is being met with My Medicare Matters.

My medicare matters and OasisOasis is very proud to be partnering with My Medicare Matters, a free educational service of the National Council on Aging (NCOA), to meet that need. We are excited to offer this service that will make it easier for our members and others to get the most out of their healthcare coverage.  This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to serve older adults.

Jay Greenberg, CEO of NCOA Services, LLC, agrees.

“We share Oasis’ belief in the value of knowledge and continuing education,” he says. “They have been a great partner to us for many years and we look forward to expanding that partnership to include the knowledge and personal tools available on Oasis is one of the premiere lifelong learning organizations in the country and it is an honor to have them as a partner.”

The Oasis My Medicare Matters site offers a comprehensive service that people can use to learn more about their Medicare coverage options and access unique decision support tools to help them make the right decisions and save money.

The site has been recently redesigned to make it even more convenient and user-friendly. Some of the updated tools include:

  • Visual learning— Important topics are presented in a more visual form and technical subjects are now easy-to-follow infographics.
  • Pick-your-situation navigation — The homepage offers easy routes to getting started. Consumers simply have to pick their stage in the Medicare journey and the site will point them in the direction of the most relevant information.
  • People Like Me– – This is a story-based guide to Medicare. Characters from different life situations guide users along the decision journey by sharing their stories and discussing the steps they took choosing Medicare coverage.
  • What Matters Today blog — Consumers can turn to this blog for reminders about smaller upcoming Medicare changes, and will address the misinformation about Medicare that often accompanies discussed changes.
  • Enhanced MedicareQuickCheck® (MQC) — Using a visual learning approach, the enhanced MQC can now dynamically guide users to a personalized report of their Medicare options, whether they are new to Medicare, eligible for a special enrollment period, or reviewing optimal coverage options during the annual enrollment period.
  • Resource Library — A new collection of resources including videos, easy to understand infographics, a glossary of Medicare terms, and FAQs partly based on questions My Medicare Matters has received from consumers.

Consumers also have the option of free personal help enrolling in Medicare.  Talking with their local State Health Insurance Program and receiving one-on-one assistance from Benefits Advisors (licensed insurance agents) through the Aon Retiree Health Exchange, a competitive marketplace that helps guide retirees through the process of selecting and enrolling in healthcare coverage are free services that are part of My Medicare Matters.