Confidentiality Agreement

Oasis Confidentiality Agreement

As an employee, contractor or volunteer working for Oasis, I understand that I may have access to various types of confidential information in the course of my work. This confidential information includes the personal information, records of donations and financial transactions and financial account numbers of Oasis participants and financial and operational records of Oasis. I understand that confidential information may be in written form, in electronic form (such as a computer database or email) or in oral form (such as a conversation in person or by telephone.)

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to safeguard any and all confidential information and ensure that it is used appropriately. In consideration of Oasis permitting me to continue my work, I agree that I will not: (i) use any confidential information except in my work for Oasis;(ii) copy any confidential information except as necessary for that permitted use; or (iii) publish, disclose or provide access to any confidential information except (a) to another Oasis employee, contractor or volunteer who needs to know that confidential information for the same permitted use or (b) as otherwise directed by Oasis. Under no circumstances will I remove any materials containing confidential information from Oasis’ premises, except as Oasis expressly authorizes, and I will not permit any such removal. On the request of Oasis, I will return to Oasis and relinquish access to all materials containing confidential information, whether originals or duplicates.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for taking basic steps to maintain the security, confidentiality and integrity of confidential information, including:

  • Secure storage of confidential information;
  • Shredding or otherwise destroying copies of confidential information that are no longer needed;
  • Safeguarding confidential information stored on electronic media in compliance with applicable standards for nondisclosure;
  • Using password guidelines set forth in the Oasis database manual;
  • Not posting passwords or sharing passwords with others;
  • Logging off or locking my computer when not in use for long periods of time (such as breaks and meals);
  • Not sending unprotected card holder data via end-user messaging technologies;
  • Reporting to a supervisor or appropriate law enforcement agencies any unusual or fraudulent attempts to access confidential information.

I acknowledge that The Oasis Institute or its representative may enforce this Agreement by injunction, damages for breach or otherwise.