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100 Your Technology Tutor 4 spot(s) remaining

Friday      12/28/18       12:00
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Comp Lab   

Do you want to advance a computer skill, fill in some gaps in your knowledge, orsolve acomputer problem you're having? Our instructorscan help you with your PC, Mac, or iPad in a private session l... More

102 Bethesda Men's Discussion Group (A)

Monday      08/27/18 - 12/31/18       10:30 - 12:00
BCC Regional Services Center C   

The Oasis men's discussion group provides a forum to engage in intellectual conversation with a peer group and explore areas of common concern. Subjects for discussion are selected by the group. L... More

104 Total Body Workout

Monday      09/17/18 - 12/10/18       10:30 - 12:00
St. Luke's Church    

Get energized with this multi-faceted workout consisting of easy-to-follow dance moves done to music ranging from Pop to Latin to Disco, strengthening exercises with weights and/or elastic tubing, tec... More

106 Gentle Qi Gong and Tai Chi 1 spot(s) remaining

Monday      09/17/18 - 11/26/18       02:30 - 03:30
St. Luke's Church    

Enjoy a blending of Qi Gong and Tai Chito promote the relaxation response within you. Balance, flexibility, coordination and stress-reduction exercises will be interwoven in easy-to-learn routines tha... More

115 Issue One!: Return of the McLaughlin Group

Monday      10/22/18       10:30 - 12:00
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

The panel will discuss how the iconic television program, The McLaughlin Group, came back on the air in January 2018. Panelists will also discuss what differentiates the program from other news progra... More

116 Memory Matters Class Full

Monday      10/22/18 - 10/29/18       01:00 - 03:00
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Small Room   

Do your loved ones comment about having to tell you things repeatedly to help you remember? Are you spending too much time searching for keys, etc? Do you go to another room and then forget what you w... More

117 Prospects on the Korean Peninsula

Monday      10/22/18       01:30 - 03:00
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

What is the current state of inter-Korean rapprochement and prospects for peace, reconciliation, and unification of the Korean peninsula? Scarlatoiu will assess the likelihood of effective US and UN a... More

118 Roe V. Wade: The Never-Ending Debate Class Full

Monday      10/29/18       10:30 - 12:30
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Large Room   

Out of all of the decisions handed down by the Supreme Court, why is Roe v. Wade still the most controversial one of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? Join Barbara Blumberg as she traces the h... More

119 Overcome Your Fear of Math!

Monday      10/29/18       01:00 - 02:30
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Computer Lab   

Do you dislike working with numbers? Through interactive exercises, participants will learn how to recognize and tune out negative self-talk when they face quantitative tasks and how to positively add... More

120 Painters of the Petit Boulevard Class Full

Monday      11/05/18       10:30 - 12:00
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Large Room   

During his Paris years (1886-1888), Vincent van Gogh interacted frequently with Pissarro, Seurat, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec and others. Vincent viewed these artists as outsiders like himself, misunder... More

121 November Book Discussion: Testimony Class Full

Monday      11/05/18       01:00 - 02:00
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Small Room   

In the mood for a mystery written by a master writer? Scott Turow turns his attention from Chicago to Bosnia. The Hague’s International Criminal Court requests an American lawyer to travel to in... More

122 If America is First, What is Europe?

Monday      11/19/18       10:30 - 11:30
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

This lecture will cover the historical circumstances which led to the formation of the NATO Alliance and the role the United States has played historically in the Alliance. Ambassador Ries will look a... More

123 Connie Morella: Do The People Govern? Class Full

Monday      11/19/18       01:30 - 02:30
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

Alexander Hamilton’s statement, “Here, Sir, the people govern,” is inscribed in the House of Representatives. Is this still true? Connie Morella will chronicle the changes and growin... More

124 Getting a Better Night's Sleep Class Full

Monday      11/26/18       10:30 - 12:00
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Large Room   

Sleep patterns change as we age, as does the quality and quantity of sleep. Linda Berg-Cross will talk about how contemporary sleep medicine addresses questions such as: What are the facts and myths s... More

125 Secrets of Communicating with Adult Children Class Full

Monday      11/26/18       01:00 - 02:30
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Large Room   

Once your children are grown, it can be hard to find the right balance between providing parental advice and letting them experience life’s challenges on their own. This lecture will focus on im... More

126 CANCELLED - Power Foods for the Brain

Monday      12/03/18       10:30 - 11:30
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

(After the catalog was printed, this class was cancelled at the instructor's request) More

127 December Book Discussion: Everything I Never Told You Class Full

Monday      12/03/18       01:00 - 02:00
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Small Room   

Celeste Ng, the daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong, infuses her debut novel with autobiographical elements, including experiences with racism. Set in 1977, it explores how families both hide and ex... More

128 Preparing for Brexit

Monday      12/03/18       01:30 - 02:30
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

In a referendum on June 23, 2016, 51.9% of the UK electoratevoted to leave the EU. Parliament has defined "exit day" as March 29, 2019. On December 31, 2020 the new economic and politicalrel... More

129 AARP Smart Driver Course (B) Class Full

Monday      12/10/18       10:15 - 03:30
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Large Room   

This AARP Smart Driver Course is an upgrade of the older Driver Safety refresher course. Drivers who complete the course may receive a multi-year discount on their auto insurance, depending on state r... More

130 Our Troubled News Media Ecosystem

Monday      12/10/18       10:30 - 11:30
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

Changes in technology, regulation and cultural habits have given us the news media we have today. Are we better off now than we were in the hazy Walter Cronkite days of yore? The Washington Post&rsquo... More

131 The Modern Middle East, One Century After Its Birth

Monday      12/10/18       02:00 - 03:30
Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus    

(Please note later start time for this class: 2:00 pm.) The modern Middle East emerged in the aftermath of World War I. This class will examine the evolution of the states of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon,Is... More

200 Men/Women Discussion Group (C) 2 spot(s) remaining

Tuesday      09/04/18 - 12/11/18       10:30 - 12:00
North Potomac Community Center    

Join us for a lively discussion on current topics that will be selected by the group. Limit: 26 More

203 Beginner Spanish I 5 spot(s) remaining

Tuesday      09/04/18 - 12/04/18       11:30 - 12:30
North Potomac Community Center Activity Room B   

This course is designed for people who have never studied nor have any knowledge of the Spanish language. It is for true beginners. For questions, please contact the instructor, judithlowe@verizon.net... More

204 Beginner Spanish II

Tuesday      09/04/18 - 12/04/18       01:00 - 02:00
North Potomac Community Center Activity Room B   

Students should understand verb conjugations and be acquainted with a variety of vocabulary words.New students: please contact the instructor, judithlowe@verizon.net, for advice regarding class placem... More

206 Beginner Spanish III

Tuesday      09/04/18 - 12/04/18       02:15 - 03:15
North Potomac Community Center Activity Room B   

Students should have an understanding of regular, irregular and stem-changing verbs as well as a substantial vocabulary. New students: please contact the instructor, judithlowe@verizon.net, for advice... More

207 Knitting Club

Tuesday      09/04/18 - 12/11/18       03:00 - 04:30
Oasis at the Macy's Home Store Kitchen   

What's more fun than knitting solo? Joining a club where every week is a knitting party! The skills required to join are casting on, knitting, purling and binding off. Bring your current project(s... More

208 No Bones About It! Exercise for Bone Strength (A) 1 spot(s) remaining

Tuesday      09/11/18 - 12/04/18       10:00 - 11:00
BCC Regional Services Center D   

Maintain bone strength or reduce your rate of bone loss with specialized strength-training exercises. Strengthen all your major muscle groups and improve balance, flexibility and posture. You will per... More

210 Women's Discussion Group (B)

Tuesday      09/25/18 - 12/11/18       10:30 - 12:00
White Oak Community Center    

We are faced with personal dilemmas every day. You will be surprised to see that many of the same things you may have been struggling with are universal. Hearing from others and sharing your thoughts ... More

211 Gentle Yoga Class Full

Tuesday      09/11/18 - 12/18/18       11:00 - 12:00
St. Luke's Church    

This course uses gentle yoga standing poses to improve our balance and make leg muscles and bones stronger. We will utilize poses for strengthening upper body muscles and incorporate neuron training f... More

218 Oasis Walking Group: Explore the Trails at Great Falls

Tuesday      09/25/18 - 11/13/18       10:30 - 11:30

For each of the four autumn walks, walkers will meet at the parking lot across from the Old Angler's Inn, 10801 MacArthur Boulevard, Potomac, MD 20854. The terrain is mostly flat, natural surface,... More