When you want to grow, learn and give back, where do you turn?

Oasis tutor and studentAcross the country, more than 368,000 older adults find Oasis the perfect place to grow – mentally, physically and socially.

The opportunities are many. Whether you are tutoring a child through the Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program, taking lifelong learning classes on interesting topics such as local history, arts and humanities or technology, or improving your health through exercise or falls prevention classes, you are growing with Oasis.

We deeply value our participants and want to make sure your involvement helps lead to a healthy and fulfilling life. In a participant survey conducted last spring, 89 percent of you told us that participation in Oasis has enriched your lives; 90 percent shared that your experience with Oasis was intellectually stimulating. This fall, many of you shared what Oasis means to you.

  • Tutor Ann Wexler from Washington DC Metro says, “You get to an age in your life where you start thinking about legacy building. What better way to do that than help the youngest generation one child at a time?”
  • “I feel right at home with Oasis,” says Parks Smith of St. Louis, MO. “I get satisfaction out of helping people. But more than that, Oasis members are a support system for me. Plus, our programs are important. They keep people in shape, teach them how to use technology to improve their lives and provide a way for people to stay social.”
  • Jean Shafer of Rochester, NY, says, “Oasis classes provide great stimulation of mind and body. There is such a wide variety of offerings taught by superb instructors. The spirit in the place is amazing! It is important to give back to an organization that provides a sense of purpose and community.”

We are committed to keeping our costs lower than similar programs offered by universities or other providers. Reaching underserved adults who are most at risk and can benefit from education and preventive health is also a priority. A nonprofit organization, OASIS does this with generous support from local communities, corporations, foundations AND individuals.

The Friends of Oasis annual giving campaign is underway. We are thankful to everyone who has already given. If you have not yet had the opportunity to make a contribution, please visit us online at www.oasisnet.org/donate to make a gift or mail a check to your local Oasis office. We appreciate the opportunity to be among your charitable priorities.

To learn more about Oasis programs and our impact, check out our 2015 Annual Report at