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Oasis tutors are changing the lives of children in San Antonio


You can change a life by providing the individual attention that helps children build confidence and experience success.



Since 1993, San Antonio Oasis has offered Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring, which pairs adults age 50 and older with children in grades 1-3 to promote success in reading. Volunteers are needed to spend one hour a week with the same child throughout the school year.

  • No teaching experience is required

  • Free training is provided

  • Hours are flexible for vacations and appointments

  • Choose the school where you prefer to tutor

To learn more, please fill in the form below

or contact Ginny Brown, program coordinator, at or 210.236.5954.

Meet our tutors

“Kids have such a desire to learn,” says Joanne Almendariz. "When you are able to tap into their world and find what excites them, you know you’ve hit a home run."

Esther Taylor
"There are children out there who need us"

Bill Jennings

Joyce Hughes
"The relationship you build is very special to the child."