Putting the ‘Me’ in Medicare eBook: A Guide to Total Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Oasis has been dedicated to helping older adults stay active, healthy and civically engaged for the last 40 years. We’ve pivoted to an entirely virtual model during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect our participants.

We’ve teamed up with Aetna® Medicare to bring you valuable new resources in the form of a FREE downloadable eBook.

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This thoughtful digital guide includes in-depth content on numerous topics ranging from nutrition in the “Eating healthy” chapter to mental health wellness, providing clickable links to resources for activities to stimulate your mind as well as advice for staying calm through the pandemic.

The “Aging actively” section has a wealth of information, tips, and alternatives for exercising outside of a group setting, as well as a Q&A with U.S. figure skater Dorothy Hamill and a fitness tracker.

Living local” presents an alternate take on social distancing, supporting that it’s best to practice physical distancing, but vital to remain socially connected to your community, friends, and family—stressing the importance of adopting new ways to do so through the use of technology.

There are tips for accessing technology to support your health, including instructions to join a Zoom call, Medicare resources for staying healthy, and more.

We hope you will take the opportunity to download this FREE eBook and then check out our new virtual center, Oasis Everywhere, accessed through www.oasiseverywhere.org. Oasis Everywhere provides a rich catalog of live interactive lifelong learning and socially-connecting programs in the form of virtual classes.

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Continuing Our Mission to Connect – Aetna eBook Op-ed

Continuing Our Mission to Connect By Paul Weiss, President, The Oasis Institute The COVID-19 pandemic has altered every element of American life, and to a large extent, no segment of the population has been more affected than older adults. Of course, the most obvious expression of this is that seniors are most vulnerable to severe symptoms of the disease. The only clear path to preventing infection is isolation, which presents its own barrage of mental and physical health risks. Seniors are silently suffering from incipient anxiety, depression, and nutritional deficiencies due to barriers of access to restaurants,



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