New User Setup Process

In order to set up a new user, they first need to have a MyOasis account and sign the Confidentiality Agreement. If they do not already have a MyOasis account, they will need to create one. They can do this by going to and clicking on “My Account” in the menu and selecting on the “Create Your Profile” button under the “Register for MyOasis” header.

To complete the Confidentiality agreement, they will need to go to and fill out the form and add a digital signature. Once they submit this form, they will receive a copy of the agreement in email and whoever they report to will receive a copy.

If you would like a template email containing instructions for the new user, you can download this template and edit it as you see fit.

Once they have created their MyOasis account and you have received the copy of the Confidentiality Agreement,  you can save it to your computer as a PDF by opening the email, clicking on “File” and choosing “Save as Adobe PDF“. When you fill out the New User Setup form below, you can then easily upload the saved PDF. Once you hit submit, a ticket will automatically be created and sent to the support desk. Support will notify you as soon as the user setup is complete.

New User Setup

New User Requirements

Note: These steps must be completed by the new user prior to submitting this request form.
Created a My Oasis Account and signed the Oasis Confidentiality Agreement *
Upload signed Confidentiality Agreement *

Required upload size: 14.34MB

When you receive the confidentiality agreement via email, click on "File" ->"Save as PDF". Then you can upload the copy of the agreement.

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