At the estate sale it stood, in the corner of the room. I resisted the urge to brush the cobwebs away and step on the belt. The treadmill was not old, but it was covered in dust. How many months had it been a silent witness to its owner’s failed fitness attempts?
Fitness ProgramExcitement surrounds starting a new fitness program. The desire to achieve your goals propels you to sign up for a class or purchase exercise equipment. Before you rush out to spend your money and invest your time, be sure to schedule a check-up and get clearance from your physician to start an exercise program.
And then pause and consider the following questions, part of the SMART strategy:
  • What is your Specific goal? Example: I will take one exercise class a week.
  • Is your goal Measurable? Example: I will jog a mile a week.
  • Is your goal Attainable? Example: I will build up to jogging a mile by setting small goals, keeping in mind any health issues.
  • Is your goal Relevant to your interests, needs and abilities? Example: Jogging hurts my knees, so I will walk instead.
  • Is your goal Time-bound (how soon, how often, how long)? Example: I will start a class next week, the class will last for eight weeks, and then I will revisit my goals.
To improve your success rate:
  • Socialize while you exercise. Ask a friend to join your class or program.
  • Ask your friends for support and encouragement.
  • Sign up online to receive newsletters or daily tips about health/exercise.
  • Start a journal. Record your feelings, triumphs and disappointments.
  • Write a letter to yourself about the anticipated results of your exercising.
Woman Exercising Developing specific, realistic goals can minimize your loss of interest in a program due to a lack of results. You can save money by dusting the cobwebs off your goals as well as that expensive treadmill!
Oasis offers fun exercise programs geared to a wide range of fitness abilities, from beginners to advanced levels. Check out a catalog for your local Oasis center and contemplate the healthier you. Then get started with your new exercise program!