It’s official! CATCH Healthy Habits has received special recognition straight from the top in four metro areas: St. Louis, MO; San Diego, CA; Montgomery County, MD; and Portland, ME.

Mayor declaring "Catch Healthy Habits Day"The mayors in each of these cities and the County Executive in Maryland declared a “CATCH Healthy Habits Day” to highlight the importance of Oasis’ mission to unite children and adults age 50+ in the fight against childhood obesity. The announcements were made in grand style, with official proclamations!

Proclamations are made to signify matters of great importance, and with generous support from Anthem Foundation, we’re doing work that will have lasting impact.

The nation’s largest evidence-based, intergenerational health program that unites caring adult volunteers to inspire children to adopt healthy eating and physical activity habits for a lifetime, CATCH Healthy Habits is creating positive changes that get better every year!

Look how far we’ve come in just five years:

  • Nearly 23,000 kids and 8,600 adults 50+ have benefited from the program.
  • Both adults and children report eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting down on screen time.
  • 65% of children and 81% of adults met or exceeded CDC recommendations for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.
  • CATCH volunteers have dedicated 75,000 hours of service valued at $1.5 million.

Now that’s something to celebrate!

Mayor with Catch Healthy Habits Day plaque
Portland Proclamation Plaque

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