A look of horror crossed his face as he uttered the words, “Ballroom dancing? Are you serious?”
The local community education center had mailed us their biannual brochure just as I had been contemplating taking a class. The brochure was filled with a variety of classes but I was drawn to the dance section. My husband, Tom, had said he was interested in signing up for a class too. I needed a partner for my dance class and suggested we take the class together. After the momentary shock, he declared himself ready for the challenge.
There were ten couples on the first night of class and the room vibrated with nervous energy. The beginning steps were so easy that Tom and I, as well as the other couples, relaxed and began to enjoy the process of becoming dancers.
Nowadays the Oasis catalog is my go-to catalog for fun, entertaining, and educational classes. Check out the summer St. Louis Oasis catalog (or your Oasis city's catalog) and get your body moving to the music. Sign up for the St. Louis History in Dance series. The three dance classes will teach you selected St. Louis dances dated from 1834 through today. In July, there will also be an Afternoon Cotillion at the Mahler Ballroom.
The benefits of dance where expressed in the 1914 bestseller, Modern Dancing by Vernon and Irene Castle, “join with the medical profession in the view that dancing is not only a rejuvenator of good health and spirits, but a means of preserving youth, prolonging life, and acquiring grace, elegance, and beauty.”
The words, ballroom dancing, now remind us of laughter filled evenings. We may not be ready to dance with any stars but we do occasionally break into a twirl at the grocery store.