Vegetable/Fruit RainbowIn our May blog, you read about the importance of “eating the rainbow” every day … that is, eating five different colors of fruits and vegetables per day including:
  • Red
  • Orange /yellow
  • Green
  • Blue /purple
  • White 
Now that you know about the rainbow of healthy eating, here are some delicious ways to enjoy it!Mixed Berry Smoothie
  • Have a smoothie!
  • Pack dried and fresh fruit for a quick snack
  • Have fruit for dessert
  • Make a colorful fruit salad (try to include all five colors)
  • Have a side salad with your meal
  • Have fruits and vegetables cleaned and ready to eat in the refrigerator
  • Add vegetables to pizzas and sandwiches
  • Present fruits and vegetables in unique ways to children (and adults) – for example: include a low fat ranch dip for vegetables; include yogurt dip for fruits (and a sprinkle of cinnamon)
  • Slice fruits and vegetables in easy to eat shapes or small cubes
  • Eat apple sauce or use it as a dip
  • Add fruit to your breakfast cereal
  • Make a fresh fruit yogurt parfait (yogurt and fruit, maybe with a sprinkle of oats and cinnamon)
  • Plant a small garden – or just one potted plant (for example: tomato, pepper, strawberry plant, etc)
  • Choose fresh fruit sorbet instead of ice cream
  • Freeze your favorite fruits for a refreshing snack (grapes, blueberries, strawberries, etc)
Or, get creative and come up with your own ways to eat the rainbow!