“Going, going, gone,” shouted the auctioneer as the sound of his gavel resounded in the 100-year-old barn. “Sold to the gentleman on my right.”
That gentleman was my husband Tom who was now the proud owner of a vintage ukulele. Earlier in the day, Tom had discovered the ukulele tucked away on a shelf in the corner of the musty barn and in that serendipitous moment had discovered within him a desire to make music.
UkuleleTom held his prize lovingly as we walked through the crowd, which good-naturally joked with him about his purchase. Bidders at the country auction were looking for antiques, collectibles, and architectural salvage not musical instruments.
Learning to play a musical instrument not only inspires your creative soul but also is an entertaining way to unwind after a hectic day. Practicing and playing a favorite song engages you physically, mentally and emotionally. Learning a new skill will teach you focus, discipline and help relieve stress.
What instrument should you play? Consider the style of music you enjoy. Each genre employs different instruments to create their signature sound. Listen to one of your favorite songs and become conscious of the instruments you are hearing. Then visit your local music store for more information on instruments. Music stores are staffed with talented musicians who can answer your questions.
Now that you have chosen your instrument, you need lessons. Check out your local library for music instruction books and videos or search online for music teachers. Tom started learning how to play from a library book. After mastering the basics, he purchased sheet music online.
The ukulele no longer rests on a dusty shelf, forgotten by its original owner. It hangs proudly on the wall in a special bracket that Tom built. Fun is just around the corner when Tom takes the ukulele off the wall and begins to play. Tom strikes up a lively tune, I clap, Hope sings and Joe dances. Hope’s singing is an off-key barking and Joe’s dancing is the hound version of freestyle but for beginners we are having a whale of a time.

Cindy Sue BlairCindy Sue Blair is an Oasis Facilitator for Exerstart, Active Start and Active Living Every Day classes and a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She is also a Culinary Instructor and Event Volunteer for Operation Food Search. She believes tasty, healthy food and fun exercise are keys to the good life. Her journey from couch potato to healthy living advocate unleashed her passion for fitness, nutrition, and personal growth. Stop by www.facebook.com/WellnessWithCindy and say hi!