Matt Geekie, The Oasis Institute Board ChairmanOasis has always encouraged older adults to look more closely at the growing part of growing older. I’m excited to report that as a national organization, we’re poised for growth that will lead to greater impact.

Under the leadership of our new president, Paul Weiss, we’re making strategic changes that will increase the number of people who look to Oasis as a resource and source of inspiration for healthy aging. Centers across the network are forging new partnerships and seeking opportunities to reach the many older adults who have yet to discover all that we offer for them personally and for their communities. In doing so, we strengthen financial sustainability both locally and nationally.

Much of the foundation for this exciting growth is starting in St. Louis, home to one of our nine Oasis centers and our national headquarters. By broadening our footprint here, we set the stage for strategies that can be modeled nationwide. Plans are well underway to expand Oasis to serve communities in North, South and West County metro St. Louis that currently have limited access to our programs. We’ve launched efforts to bring Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring to more school districts, with our sights set on rural communities where the need is great.

Watching this expansion unfold and knowing the impact we will continue to have is an important story to share with all those who support Oasis in so many ways. We’re grateful to the more than 6,000 volunteers nationwide who make Oasis special. And we are very thankful to our generous donors and partners, many of whom have been supporting our work year after year. Your support keeps our mission achievable. We’re growing and it’s exciting to see what’s next.

With gratitude,

Matt Geekie, Chairman

The Oasis Institute Board