Fear of Falling©
by Terrie Jacks
I’m a person
Afraid I’m going to fall
So I don’t get out
I don’t get out at all

I heard about a class
That talks about this fear
It really is quite common
In people up in years

So I signed up to learn
A bit about my fear
Hey, I learned this fear of mine
I can shift to a lower gear

First, think about what I want
Figure how to do it best
Maybe ask for some help
Not sit at home and rest

I was given some exercises
To help build up my strength
Thirty minutes a day
Not a time consuming length

I checked around my home
For things in the way
Now I turn on a light
When dark takes over day

I found out staying in the house
Can make a body frail
And frail might mean a fall;
This thought makes me pale

So I’m doing my exercise
Trying to walk everyday
Enjoying myself a lot
For life is a cabaret.

Want to learn how to prevent potential falls? Here are some fall prevention resources, or locate the Oasis center in your city to find out more about classes like the Matter of Balance one that Terrie teaches.