Like most kids, when I was growing up I rode my bike almost daily. The sense of freedom found peddling around the back roads of rural Indiana has been nearly unmatched in my adult life.
But then my teenage years happened, and the bicycle lost all its luster and charm to the freedom of my first car. With a full tank of gas, all my friends and plenty of new roads to discover, the bicycle just couldn’t hold my attention anymore.
Elderly couple BikingAll of that changed last summer when I bought a used bike at a garage sale for next to nothing. After a bit of maintenance at the local bike shop, I’ve been off peddling and exploring, learning more about my neighborhood every day. In the process I’ve rediscovered many of the great life lessons I learned as a kid:
  • Bicycles are freedom – Bicycles allow you to be free to roam your small corner of the world at your own leisure. You’re free to explore and meander, ride down every side street, and stop to smell the roses.
  • Cities are becoming more bicycle-friendly – As a person that grew up in the country, adjusting to riding in the city was a scary proposition. Luckily many cities have made their communities more bicycle-friendly; including dedicated bike lanes, bike trails, bike share programs and plenty of bike racks for parking.
  • You’ll see your neighborhood from a whole new perspective –You’ll quickly discover all the character your neighborhood has. You’ll notice all the great homes, buildings and natural beauty that co-exists to make your community so unique.
  • Bicycling can be great exercise – With the wind in your hair and plenty of places to visit, you’ll find that bicycling will quickly become a fun, exhilarating chance to get exercise.
  • Bicycling can connect neighbors – Bicycling is a perfect group activity for neighbors to ride together, especially if you can combine a bike ride with an activity, such as lunch, a movie, or a visit to the library.
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