Fruit loop team members
A new “Help for Your Health” campaign at BJC HealthCare is stirring up a rivalry that could really get me to change my ways.
Starting April 7, “all I have to do” is eat 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day for four weeks. Seven to nine? How do I do that? I’ve heard the 5-a-day song for years and figured it was gospel, but can’t say that I do it. Nine a day will be a real stretch.
The fun part will be doing it on a team of Oasis folks. We’re the Fruit Loops! There will be Dierbergs grocery gift cards for the winning team, but the real win will be in changing our habits. We have a little friendly competition going with two other Oasis teams – the Freggies and the Garden Grazers – and more teams at BJC, which sponsors Oasis as part of their good work to improve community health.
We're off and running. On day 1 the office fridge wouldn't close because it was jam-packed with everyone's healthy snacks. Another sign of change at our afternoon celebration of the Cardinals home opener – the cupcakes were practically untouched. We were all digging into the red apples, strawberries and grapes that team captain Mary Baskerville brought in to pad our daily total. Now there's a new bowl of fruit adorning my desk and I'm thinking tonight's the night for that kale salad I've been meaning to try.
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